About us

We are a modern company that tries to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, always offering the best quality in our products and supplying constantly and directly from the catch areas.
We manage the import of frozen products from different countries around the world, especially products from Peru, as we have our own plants there. This makes of Globalpez a reference in the import and trading of both raw material and frozen products from this Andean country. We offer a personalized, direct and close service in order to supply our customers with high quality products giving them the service they need according to their individual necessities.To be able to offer a high quality product, we mke sure that the raw materials are treated extremely careful during the whole production process.
Our dedication, proficiency and experience are at the service of our customers, guaranteeing food security, tracking and organoleptic properties of our products. We source the main European, African and Rusian markets. Globalisation is key to our development, and it requires to adapt to the different markets, but always keeping the sustained commitment of offering the best quality.

Quality as distinction


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34 986 070 162
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