About Us

We are a modern company whose aim is to fulfil our customer´s demands and expectations, offering quality products and regular supply, directly from origin.

We import frozen products from several countries all over the world, mainly focused on Peruvian ones, due to the fact that we owe factory in Peru. This allows Globalpez to play an important role importing and commercializing raw material as well as added value frozen products from Andean country.

We give a tailored, direct and close attention to our clients in order to supply them with top quality products, giving tight service to each client demands. In order to offer excellent quality products, we thoroughly check that raw material is extremely careful handled all production process.

Our implication, knowledge and experience are on duty fot our customers, in order to guaranteed food safety, traceability and organoleptic values.

We supply main European, African, and Russian markets. Exporting plays a key role in our development, this demands a regular up date to each market, but always keep offering best quality products as constant commitment.